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Seda Saar

Visual Art

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My aim in art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. I am passionate about knowledge of the science of space, symphonic composition, and nature’s patterns based on the mathematics of three-dimensional space. My work as the geometer is to reveal the secret archetypical matrix: The invisible atoms, the basis of all elements, precipitating in precise geometric patterns, like lace embroidery or Islamic tiles, along the lines of force, unfolding as light and volumes of the four elements. My current work explores geometry and laws of nature within three dimensions- I am inspired by man’s interaction, and wonder of matrix of energy in nature- That is the true work of art in my mind.


Seda Saar is an international artist and designer, working in the field of themed environment design, painting, photography, installation and most recently interactive sculpture. Saar was born of Armenian decent Seda Shahinian in Teheran, Iran, and raised in the UK, studying interior architecture and furniture design at London Metropolitan University. Later she immigrated to the US with her family, and spent two decades designing themed architecture and environments for commercial and location based entertainment for major Hollywood studios. Her current work explores the physics of light and dimensional form, as well as interactive experiential design.

Saar works in diversified media often using multiple mediums to convey her stories: Real and virtual painting, real and digital sculpture, photography installation and theatrical set design utilizing technology and innovation.