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Julia Holland

Performance Art

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All levels, ages 8 years and up
"Music is a tool for radical change."


Julia Holland is an explorer of the truth, the power and the beauty of sound. She has devoted her life to music- studying, performing and teaching in a wide range of genres.  An co-founder of Once Upon a Time Children’s Theatre, she has dedicated herself as a professional director and singing coach to children of all ages, nurturing the inherent gift of creativity while instilling an instinctive respect for the power of performance.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Malibu Playhouse where she directed the musical The Wild Party, which led her to receive an NAACP nomination for best director of a musical.    In more recent years, Julia’s musical journey has led her to use meditative and healing sound techniques designed to develop breath awareness and power, inner sensitivity with sound and a releasing of mind into music.   For Julia, music is a tool to radically change herself and her clients lives through the empowerment of self-expression.  Julia’s busy vocal studio, located in Malibu, California, provides an intimate and liberating environment to inspire personal artistic development for people of all ages, types and levels.  Julia Holland’s deepest mission is to make the earth a better place, empowering her fellow human beings and being empowered herself, sharing the vision of collective thriving. Inspired by this inner call, she has created the Eco Hero Kids, a foundation for children’s education on environmental awareness, designed to internationally inspire children through music, stories and creative earth projects. She welcomes one and all to join her at this table of vision and co-creation.


Voice, Piano, Music Theory, Songwriting, Performance, Speaking


Bachelor of Music, California State University, Northridge; National Association of Teachers of Singing


Malibu Music Awards, Educator of the Year 2011


"At 65 it was a somewhat crazy idea to start taking piano lessons, but Julia is making me believe that it isn't really that crazy at all. She is so patient and encouraging and am having a great time and LEARNING! Coming in at the tail end of her lessons with kids is a joy to listen to. They are so lucky to have such a terrific teacher."  Annie Stein

"Julia Holland has worked with my kids ages 16 and 12 starting at ages 5 and 6, teaching them piano and giving them voice lessons. She has such a wonderful way with children, and she has had a huge role in the development of both my son and daughter over the years. We are so grateful!"  Allison Ray

"With great heart and passion, Julia has been teaching  my daughter Bridget  since she was five years old---including coaching her  for the role of Little Cosette in Les Mis at Pepperdine University when she was 10. I have seen her instill a love of singing and music and performance and creating confidence in so many kids in Malibu throughout the years."  Jeff Cooper

"Julia has been an inspiring music teacher for my children for many years, she has mentored my son Daniel Paige and has given him confidence and a huge understanding about music and singing. He has been able to take his voice to another level since working with Julia over the years. Daniel is a performing artist today and talented songwriter. Julia is kind and loving and has an incredible gift in bringing out the most in her students through her own knowledge and talent"   Stefanie Paige

"Julia Holland gave my daughter voice lessons in which she helped her both in the technical methods and in coming through her performance anxiety by enveloping her with love and caring. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to learn music, young or old, she is a truly wonderful teacher."  Daphna Small