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Our Team

CEO & Creative Director
Julia Holland is an explorer of the truth, the power and the beauty of sound. She has devoted her life to music- studying, performing and teaching in a wide range of genres.
Visual Arts Coordinator
Leslie is the founder and principal instructor at The Conservatory for Classical Art in Edmond, OK. She studied with Ted Seth Jacobs at his school Ecole Albert DeFois in Central France, and is influenced by instructors Anthony Ryder and Jacob Collins, Scott Waddell and Andrew Ameral.

Our Mission

Malibu Creative Arts Studios cultivates talent, skill and inspiration, providing intimate instruction for artists of all levels with leaders in the creative fields. Built around the model of a conservatory, MalibuCAS offers a range of experience, from private classes to weeklong workshops. Our goal is to expand and refine our student’s creative expression by building skill, sensitivity and dedication, illuminating the road to mastery. Malibu Creative Arts Studios invites you to discover yourself through the creative process, find alliance with your art, and channel inspiration into all aspects of your life.