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The 2D Écorché Head

Visual Art

Jul 14, 2017
Jul 16, 2017
10 AM - 5 PM
$450 + $50 model fee
Andrew Ameral

Course Description

Since antiquity, anatomy has played an important role in an artist's education. Its careful study enabled the artist to better understand critically the shapes underneath the skin (both boney and muscular) that impact the surface of the human body and create form. The focus of this workshop will be to render an écorché head in 2D. Both skeletal and major muscular features will be introduced and explored. The student will relate this information to a figure drawing that will be developed throughout the length of this course. Stages of the classical drawing process will be explained and practiced. This workshop is excellent for any artist looking to hone their drawing skills and is open to all advanced and beginning students.

Workshop Inclusions

Malibu Creative Arts Studio will provide a continental breakfast each morning of the workshop. We will host a reception dinner for the artist during one evening during the workshop. We look forward to seeing you!